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Mobile Application Addresses the Need for Easy Access to Medical Research

The JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) network allows you to access research on-line that is relevant to your medical field and specialty. You just type in the search field the topic in which you’re interested and you will get a list of the research and articles related to it. What’s more, a mobile application is available so that physicians can access papers and information from anywhere and at any time.

It’s estimated that between 60%-80% of doctors use mobile devices at work, depending on which survey you’re looking at. This includes both smartphones and tablets. They’re affordably and easy to use. When using them for patient care, they can be easily carried between exam rooms to access digitized patient information. The common thread is that physicians in all specialties – especially more recent graduates–are relying more and more on modern technology to advance their concern to provide medical care more efficiently, cost effectively, and creatively through digital instruments that are readily available, according to Edward McEachern, Jackson & Coker’s VP of marketing. “What this indicates in terms of future trends is that mobile device manufacturers and companies that supply app solutions are well aware of the growing market in the healthcare field for their products and services.”

This is exactly why JAMA create a mobile application for physicians to easily access research – to address the growing need of the medical profession to access information everywhere and at any time. Which specialties are leading the way in app usage? According to research by Bulletin Healthcare, the breakdown is as follows:

Emergency department physicians: 40%
Cardiologists: 33%
Urologists: 31%
Nephrologists: 31%
Dermatologists: 30%
Gastroenterologists: 30%
Psychiatrists: 28%
Radiologists: 24%
Rheumatologists: 22%
Endocrinologists: 21%
Oncologists: 20%
Clinical pathologists: 16%

These same physicians can access research on their specialties via their tablets and other mobile devices through the JAMA network.