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Additional Insurance Coverage Plans for Restaurant Owners

Additional Insurance Coverage Plans for Restaurant Owners
There are many catastrophes that can befall your restaurant business, costing you a lot of money or putting you out of business. The is why purchasing Restaurant Insurance in Tennessee is so important. Insurance helps protect owners from the unique challenges of their profession. Restaurant owners need protection beyond that of basic business policies, general liability and workers compensation. Although these coverages are important, restaurants need additional coverage like for spoilage or commercial vehicles.

Spoilage Coverage

If a power outage lasts long enough, you could be looking at significant losses from food spoiling. Insurance for spoilage loss covers mechanical appliance malfunction and power outages. This insurance allows you to claim damages up to the limit set by your policy. Make sure you assess possible damages and purchase a policy that suits your needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle used for restaurant business, you need auto insurance, specifically commercial auto insurance. These policies are similar to personal vehicle insurance, but they also cover liability for accidents involving an employing operating the company van. It is even required in most states. Restaurant Insurance in Tennessee is a necessity. Don’t risk losing your business by not getting the coverage you need. Do your research, stay in compliance and protect yourself and your restaurant.