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The Anatomy of an Insurance Claim

The Anatomy of an Insurance Claim
Nobody wants to file an insurance claim, but when you have to, it’s important to know what to expect. If the claim is involving an accident or damage related to your car, you will need to reach out to your CT auto insurance provider and begin the process. After the initial call, you can expect an investigation and a result regarding the action that will be taken.

Results Depend on Coverage

When you file a claim, the last thing you want is a notification that the damage is not covered by your policy. In order to prevent such a situation, you should carefully consider the insurance you opt for and consider the value of more comprehensive coverage. If you opt only for liability coverage, for example, some of the following may not be covered:
  • Damage by underinsured drivers
  • Medical bills from an accident
  • Damage that you are deemed at fault for

Know How to Get the Right Policy

Though knowing what to expect throughout the claims process is helpful, knowing how to prevent a claim and select the right coverage is even more valuable. Do your research before selecting a CT Auto insurance policy so that you can prevent the unpleasant surprise of not having coverage when you need it most.