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Auto Insurance Options for Staffing Companies

Auto Insurance Options for Staffing Companies
Staffing companies face exposures that are unique to each service they provide. If you run a staffing company, keep in mind that you have particular risks relating to vehicles. Learn how hired non-owned auto insurance and commercial auto plans can help.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

As a staffing company, you likely have several employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes. You also have the added risk of your employees using their client's vehicles. If your employees cause any damage to those vehicles, you would be held responsible. Rented vehicles such as vans or trucks for transporting extra goods are covered by this type of policy as well.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Also called owned auto insurance, this policy is designed to cover any vehicles that are owned by your business. If your business owns any vehicles for work purposes, then you want to look into this plan. Personal auto insurance will typically not cover business-related driving. Commercial auto insurance covers:
  • Medical costs for injuries due to a crash
  • Physical damage from theft, wrecks, extreme weather, and vandalism
  • Uninsured motorists who are responsible for accidents and are not covered
Commercial auto and hired non-owned auto plans both serve unique purposes for staffing companies. Consider your risks and get the appropriate coverage for protection.