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Business Insurance in Delaware for Brewers and Winemakers

Business Insurance in Delaware for Brewers and Winemakers
With hundreds of new breweries and wineries opening each year across the nation, it is obvious that America's love of crafted adult beverages is not going away anytime soon. Many insurers have been struggling to keep up with this explosion of small-scale, highly specialized startup companies. This often makes it important that owners and operators find an equally specialized policy when looking for business insurance in Delaware.

Getting a Personalized Assessment

Many insurers have begun offering plans aimed at new brewers and vintners. However, it is typically crucial to choose a policy that is crafted around a truly comprehensive assessment of business operations. Brokers should learn about these items:
  • Type of equipment used on site
  • Types of vehicles used for transport, and whether employees or contractors are drivers
  • Amount of annual business income
  • Extent of liquor legal liability

Beyond the Basics

These are just a few of the key components of a strong policy. If you are researching business insurance in Delaware, make sure that your broker can offer a wide range of specialized coverage. In addition to general liability, you will want to find a plan that addresses the risks and unique coverage needs of your operation, from accurate loss valuation for beer and wine to on-site retail activities.