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Can Subcontractors Drive Company Vehicles?

Can Subcontractors Drive Company Vehicles?

Can subcontractors drive company vehicles? The short answer is yes. As with all questions related to business relationships, however, the complete answer is that it depends on the circumstances and risks involved.


Subcontractors usually supply their own tools, rather than relying on a client to provide them. Allowing a subcontractor to drive a company vehicle blurs the line between employee and contractor, and can lead to the breakdown of a good working relationship. Situations do sometimes arise in which it is simply more convenient or cost-effective for both parties if the contractor uses a company vehicle. In these cases, the decision whether to allow it is up to you


Unless specifically named on your policy, a subcontractor is not covered by your auto insurance. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask for proof of insurance before allowing one to drive. You also should consider purchasing professional indemnity insurance, sometimes called comprehensive independent contractor liability insurance. This type of policy will protect you in case a contractor is involved in an accident that results in a lawsuit.

It is perfectly legal for a subcontractor to drive a company vehicle, and sometimes it just makes sense to do so. If you decide to allow this practice, always ask for proof of insurance, and be sure your own policies are up to date.