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Carnets: Dealing With the Unexpected

Carnets: Dealing With the Unexpected
A Carnet ATA allows goods to avoid duties and import taxes with the understanding that they will be re-exported within a year. Even with careful planning, though, you may find that you need to change the terms of your original Carnet or replace a lost document. Such issues are not uncommon, and provisions exist to help.


Although the general list on your original Carnet cannot be changed once filed, you can apply for additional certificates. You may also split a shipment. You can change or add destination countries in many cases. Additionally, if you need an extension, some countries allow a replacement Carnet that extends the time allowed before re-exportation. The best way to handle these alternative plans is to contact your Carnet ATA issuer directly.

Lost Documents

You can also contact your issuer in the event that the original Carnet is lost. A duplicate with the same information and expiration date can be issued to replace the one you lost.

Insurance and Bonds

Insuring your shipment is a great way to prevent financial loss in the event that goods are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. You should also purchase a surety bond guaranteeing the payment of duties and import taxes if the goods in question will not be re-exported within a year. Both can usually be secured through your issuer as well. There are times when unexpected events get in the way of a good plan, but these times don’t have to be a hassle for your Carnet freight. From changes to loss of documentation or goods, your issuer can help you manage.