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D&O Coverage 101

D&O Coverage 101

D&O Coverage 101

When individuals leading your organization do not act responsibly, you are liable. D&O EPL or directors & officers and employment practices liability protect you and others who are in positions of leadership from the acts of your employees.

Basics of D&O

In D&O litigation, your company and its board face litigation. Directors and officers cover the members of your boards and other leaders. In a D&O plan, any officer, director and employee can have insurance under the plan. The insurance company defends claims and pays on behalf of most judgments.

Basics of Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability further protects your staff. This insurance covers directors, officers, volunteers and employees. EPL covers employment-related discrimination, wrongful discharge and sexual harassment.

The Cost of D&O

D&O claims are expensive. While this may lead to some people deciding against this type of coverage, you don’t want to be without protection. For instance, a plan might cost you between 35,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars. However, when it comes to a judgment you have to pay, it might cost you around 450,000 dollars.

D&O EPL coverage is crucial to your company. It protects you and your staff, particularly those in leadership positions. When you have a leadership position, you are more at risk for being held liable for certain costs and damages.


How to Find the Right Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Your Small Business

How to Find the Right Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Your Small Business

It grows harder and harder to find adequate workers’ compensation coverage for your small business. General, blanket insurance plans cover accidents that could never happen in your line of work, and getting coverage from some of the best agencies can be difficult since you aren’t a large, corporate client. However, it’s possible to find the rare agency that blends creativity and connections to preferred insurance markets to get you excellent Maryland small business workers’ compensation that is perfectly tailored to your business and comes with the support of excellent, experienced insurers.

Some insurance brokers or agents have so many connections in the industry that they can easily get you direct access with large insurers that would typically claim to have too many clients and wouldn’t want to work with an operation as small as your small business. This allows you to provide the best services for your employees and for your customers, so take great care to find an agency with these connections. When looking for Maryland small business workers’ compensation, don’t be afraid to fight for your business’ individuality and unique qualities. Getting coverage as an artisan, a dentist, a restaurant or a retail store owner all entail vastly different risks and priorities, and you deserve to work with the agency that properly recognizes that and finds a way to get you the exact coverage that you need.


3 Things Every Insurance Company Should Have

3 Things Every Insurance Company Should Have

Everyone dreads the thought of something happening to their property or possessions. You hate to file an insurance claim, but you’re sure happy you have that protection. That’s why when shopping for insurance coverage, there are a few essentials to look for.

Variety of Coverage

You want the convenience of finding coverage for all your important assets. When it’s time to find insurance, look for a provider that offers auto insurance, homeowners insurance and even insurance on recreational vehicles. If you’re a business owner, you want to find a New Mexico Insurance Agency that can meet your needs with commercial property insurance, liability, workers’ compensation and others. Experience Because you’re trusting some of life’s most important belongings to your insurance provider, you want to be certain everything is in good hands. An insurance company should have plenty of years under its belt and a proven track record of helping clients like you. Don’t rely on an inexperienced group to meet your coverage needs. Friendly and Responsive Chances are, if you are filing a claim, you’re in a distressing situation.

Your New Mexico insurance agency should be understanding and helpful. You also need quick action so you can resolve the situation quickly. You take your coverage needs seriously. You want your insurance company to do the same. Follow these guidelines when looking for your next agency.


Protect Your Business from Financial Despair With Professional Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business from Financial Despair With Professional Liability Insurance

Owning and operating a business is an accomplishment worth celebrating. It takes hard work and a lot of effort to get a business started and become successful. The unfortunate thing is that this hard work can be lost when a lawsuit takes place. The most effective way you can protect your business from financial devastation is getting Austin professional liability insurance.

When Does It Go Into Effect?

Professional liability insurance is set in place for circumstances where a client or customer claims that your services caused him or her a financial loss. There are many instances when this can occur, such as:

  • You fail to provide services as promised
  • Negligence while performing professional services
  • Incorrect or incompetent work

These claims pop up all the time, even without merit. Having Austin professional liability insurance helps keep you protected in multiple ways in these situations.

What It Covers

Lawsuits because of the above reasons, whether unmerited or serious, can result in you paying thousands of dollars even just for legal fees. Here is everything that a professional liability plan can help cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Damages

Be Professional

Being prepared for risks means that you’re a smart and responsible business owner. Look into Austin professional liability insurance so that your business will be prepared for possible lawsuits.


Managing Multiple Insurances for Your Business

Managing Multiple Insurances for Your Business

Your small business has many different facets, so you might need multiple insurances to protect every part of it. While some businesses can function with a simple liability insurance policy, others require more to make sure the owner, employees and customers are protected. If you’re looking for a commercial package policy in Florida, you need to find an insurance company that has expertise bundling multiple insurance policies into one easily manageable for you. Ensuring that you have all your insurance policies established and organized serves your business for years to come.

At first it might not seem that you need more than one insurance policy, but depending on the different components of your business, you might find yourself quickly accumulating five or six. From company auto insurance to equipment breakdown to content and property insurance, you need a way to keep all the information systematic and risk as little as possible. An insurance company that can find you a commercial package policy in Florida only benefits you. By entrusting your small business to a reputable insurance company who is able to help you determine what policies you’ll need for proper protection, you make the decision to ensure your business is secure for as long as you’re a part of it.


Get Covered With Commercial Insurance in Bergen County

Get Covered With Commercial Insurance in Bergen County

When you are looking for commercial insurance in Bergen County, you want a product that will provide the coverage you need while being cost effective. A packaged policy is one that takes all of your unique needs for coverage into account and makes a custom tailored insurance plan for your business or non-profit.

A business owner’s policy brings both property and liability coverages together in one easy to understand bundle. The insurance would cover a loss of your building and its contents as well as general liability of your business. Other coverage can be added to compensate for such things as crime, equipment breakdown that causes delays in production, and specific product liability. These coverages would be added in the form of umbrella or excess liability.

Are you on a non-profit’s board and looking to take the charity to the next level? As a stand-alone organization, the non-profit’s board will have to look at their possible liabilities and evaluate their insurance needs. Are your officers and board concerned about liability if a volunteer gets injured while performing the charity’s duties? Affordable specialized insurance for non-profits can handle this scenario. Commercial insurance in Bergen County provides protection for your business with a money saving combination of coverages for all aspects of your business.



Get the Most from Your Employee Liability Plan

You hope to not have to use it, but your employee liability plan can be very useful in certain situations. However, if not handled properly you could miss out on some benefits. Below are a few tips to get the most from your liability plan.

Know Your Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand your policy. When you examine your plan there are a few key things that you should look for, including:

  • Key benefits
  • Scope of benefits
  • Prerequisites
  • Benefit caps
  • Disqualifications

Stay Up to Date

Periodically your insurer may make changes to your policy. Though they will inform you in such instances, it is a good practice to take time to periodically examine your policy for any new changes. This can also help you to stay familiar with the different aspects of your policy.

Utilize Your Agent

Your agent is there as a resource and you should take advantage of that factor. In the case that you need to file a claim, ask the agent any questions you may have and have them review your paperwork to make sure that you have everything in line. This can help to ensure an expedient process.

Being that you are paying for your employee liability insurance service, you should get the most that you can out of it. By heeding the aforementioned tips you can do just that.


Protect Your Business With Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business With Employment Practices Liability Insurance

It is not uncommon for disgruntled workers to file claims against their employers. This is why it is essential for businesses to have employment practices liability insurance. Lawsuits are financially draining, and liability insurance can offer companies the protection they need.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance covers a variety of claims, including:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Reputation claims, specifically defamation
  • Failure to promote
  • Breach of contract for employment

Employment practices liability insurance policies cover directors and officers, management personnel, and employees as insured. Most policies do not extend coverage to include bodily injury or property damage.

The Terms of a Liability Insurance Policy

Liability insurance policies are usually written on a claims-made basis. Therefore, claims must be reported to an insurance provider while a policy is still in effect. The event that led to the claim must have also occurred during a certain timeframe. Some providers offer retroactive dates and service for earlier claims, and businesses should review the particulars of their policy to see if these options are available to them.

Why Businesses Need Liability Insurance

If businesses do not have employment practices liability insurance, they should secure coverage immediately. It is impossible to know when claims will arise, but companies do not want to be unprepared when they do. Liability insurance can protect their financial assets and cover the settlement and defense costs that accumulate over the course of a lawsuit.


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The Process of Gaining Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The Process of Gaining Employment Practices Liability Insurance
employment practices liability

employment practices liability

If you are considering purchasing employment practices liability insurance, there are a number of steps and procedures you will need to take in order to make the most of your coverage. This type of liability insurance is generally for use in staffing agencies or companies who assist individuals in finding temporary employment. The obtainment of this insurance can help you to safeguard against lawsuits which claim unfair judgments were made in the process of hiring or letting go employees. The following steps can help you to make the most of the insurance process.

Insurance Application

Once you have selected the insurance firm through which you would like to obtain employment practices liabilitycoverage, you will want to fill out an insurance application. There will likely be many legal forms and documents to help you to be aware of what does and does not qualify as discrimination, and how to avoid discrimination in the hiring and firing process, as well as how to handle related situations, should they arise.

Copy of Employee Handbook

An employment practices liability insurer will likely require a copy of your employee manual or handbook. This copy will be used to determine if you are correctly and effectively implementing non-discrimination practices in the workplace, and among those staff members in charge of hiring and firing. Once insurance is in place, it is advisable to keep non-discrimination practices and procedures readily apparent in the workplace, and to provide proper training to employees on non-discriminatory practices.