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3 Things Every Insurance Company Should Have

3 Things Every Insurance Company Should Have

Everyone dreads the thought of something happening to their property or possessions. You hate to file an insurance claim, but you’re sure happy you have that protection. That’s why when shopping for insurance coverage, there are a few essentials to look for.

Variety of Coverage

You want the convenience of finding coverage for all your important assets. When it’s time to find insurance, look for a provider that offers auto insurance, homeowners insurance and even insurance on recreational vehicles. If you’re a business owner, you want to find a New Mexico Insurance Agency that can meet your needs with commercial property insurance, liability, workers’ compensation and others. Experience Because you’re trusting some of life’s most important belongings to your insurance provider, you want to be certain everything is in good hands. An insurance company should have plenty of years under its belt and a proven track record of helping clients like you. Don’t rely on an inexperienced group to meet your coverage needs. Friendly and Responsive Chances are, if you are filing a claim, you’re in a distressing situation.

Your New Mexico insurance agency should be understanding and helpful. You also need quick action so you can resolve the situation quickly. You take your coverage needs seriously. You want your insurance company to do the same. Follow these guidelines when looking for your next agency.


Understanding Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents covers judgments, settlements, and attorney fees in the event that you or your company is sued for mistakes or oversights made while providing your services as a real estate agent. Here are three things you need to know when shopping for errors and omissions insurance.

  1. Who Is Covered? – Determine exactly who is covered under your plan. Are your company’s employees covered? How about personal assistants or independent contractors?
  2. What Is Covered? – Carefully review the list of exclusions in any policy; there can be a lot of them, and some might be vital to your business. If you’re considering a policy that doesn’t cover what you need, talk to the broker and find out if you can have that coverage added for an additional fee.
  3. When Does Coverage Start and End? – Errors and omissions insurance is unusual in that you’re covered for claims made against you during the coverage period but not occurrences that happen during that period. As such, you should confirm with your broker exactly what dates will be covered under your policy.

These are just a few of the things you need to be aware of when choosing errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents. Review any policy carefully with your broker to make sure you know who exactly is covered under the policy, what situations are covered, and when your coverage begins and ends.


Key Benefits of Error and Omission Insurance

Though you hope not to need it, insurance is an important tool to protect both you and your business. In the case that an employee makes a mistake that causes harm to a client, error and omission insurance can really come in handy. There are a few key benefits to having this insurance in place.

Knowledgeable Assistance

Your insurance provider does not only cover you, but they serve as a knowledgeable source concerning insurance matters. Not only can they work your case, but they can also offer advice on ways to help prevent the possibility of lawsuits arising.

Limit Costs

A proper policy can help to limit the extent that a lawsuit is able to reach. This can not only help to limit costs, but it may also help to protect the company by isolating the incident.

Full Protection

Error and omission insurance covers certain instances that regular business insurance does not. Therefore, with this policy added to your business insurance you can rest assured that you have full protection.

The aforementioned are just a few of the benefits of proper e&o insurance. Not only does it aid in protecting the company, but it also gives you access to knowledgeable, dedicated insurance providers that can help to make sure that your company stays out of trouble. To learn more about how error and omission insurance can help your company, contact your local provider.


The Basics of Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance protects professionals from the costs of lawsuits that claim their work resulted in financial loss for a client. If you’re a professional, you could be at risk for this type of lawsuit. Perhaps you’re wondering, “Exactly what is errors and omissions insurance?” Here are some things you should know about this type of policy.

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance helps you with the expenses associated with a negligence lawsuit in two important ways.

  1. Legal bills: Even if you haven’t made an error, if a client makes a claim against you or your company you have to defend yourself. The costs of professional legal services add up quickly. Errors and omissions insurance will help defray these expenses.
  2. Cost of damages: If a liability claim against you is successful, you might have to pay damages. Up to a predetermined dollar amount, errors and omissions insurance will cover the costs of legal damages. An insurance agent can help you determine the amount of coverage that’s right for your services.

How Can an Errors and Omissions Agent Help You?

Because you and your profession have a unique set of risks, an insurance agent will craft a policy that’s customized for your business. Even if you already have a liability policy, speaking with a specialist in this type of insurance can help you get the coverage you need to protect against claims of negligence.


Two Reasons Most Professionals Need E&O Insurance

Errors & Omissions insurance, or E&O, is a type of coverage that many professionals overlook when they evaluate their insurance needs. Many people have faith in their abilities and doubt they will ever face a liability claim. However, just one claim can have lasting consequences. Most professionals need Errors & Omissions insurance for the following two reasons.


1. Protection Against Unwarranted Claims


Even professionals who perform their services well may face wrongful claims, and the cost of mounting a good defense against those claims may be high. An E&O policy will pay defense costs regardless of whether the policyholder is later vindicated or found at fault. People who are truly concerned about frivolous charges should elect for First Dollar Defense. Under this addition, the policyholder only pays his or her deductible if he or she is found at fault; otherwise, the insurer covers the full cost of defense.


2. Offsetting the Cost of Innocent Mistakes


Unfortunately, at some point, most professionals will make an innocent mistake that leads to substantial client losses. Subsequent defense and settlement costs can be devastating for anyone from a small business owner to a high net worth individual who provides valuable services. E&O is truly the only way to protect against these inevitable errors.


Ensuring Full Protection


Professionals who currently lack a professional liability policy should work with an insurance agent to choose or customize one. Mistakes or client misconceptions can happen at any time, and the resulting claims can be devastating for professionals caught without appropriate coverage.


Why Buy Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), Logistics Professionals?

You need errors and omissions insurance (E&O), logistics professionals! Mistakes happen, that is just natural when you work with other human beings. Smart companies plan for those mistakes by making sure they carry enough insurance to prevent a lawsuit. Time and money spent in court is time and money that should be going towards growing your business. Eliminate the risk; get E&O, logistics professionals.


The transportation industry today faces constantly changing rules and regulations, and the threat of litigation is apparent at every turn. More and more lawsuits are resulting in settlements and awards, which makes them much more attractive to future dissatisfied customers. When their shipment gets lost in transit, why shouldn’t they take you to court? Their neighbor’s friend’s brother just did the same thing and got a huge settlement. Maybe they should try it.


Errors and Omissions insurance will protect you. It will give you a legal defense and a settlement, if awarded, in the unhappy event that a customer decides to file a claim against your company. If they can prove they suffered damages as a result of your services, they have a claim. They could come after you for improper charge quotes, misdirected goods, unauthorized release of goods, failure to insure cargo, to name a few. Protect yourself. Buy E&O logistics professionals; buy it today!


Tips to Avoid a Costly Business Malpractice Lawsuit

Every business should have established tactics to ensure it is delivering the best products or services to its customers. Straying from those codes can mean more than just an unhappy customer. For some companies, an error or omission can result in a costly lawsuit that may be budget-breaking. There are several things business owners can do to avoid such a claim, such as purchasing e & o insurance. Follow these tips to mitigate the risk of an expensive lawsuit.


1.       Improve Customer Service


One of the best ways to settle a dispute outside a courtroom is to employ best practices in customer services. Talking to a disgruntled patron and offering solutions not only reduces the chances he or she will sue, but it can actually improve the way he or she thinks about the company.


2.       Only Make Promises That Can Be Kept


Many lawsuits involving business malpractice stem from situations in which a company provides misleading information. Absolute promises and guarantees can leave the door open for a mistake. Therefore, a business should only enter into those situations if it has complete control over deciding factors.


3.       Get Covered


Even when a business owner takes every necessary precaution, mistakes can happen. A sound e & o insurance policy can reduce the financial burden of a lawsuit. Business owners should work with reputable agents in order to determine a plan that will meet their budgetary needs.


The Right Insurance Helps You do More

The Right Insurance Helps You do More
error omission insurance

error omission insurance

The right insurance policy can help you in many ways. Professional insurance policies make it possible to focus on your job instead of on daily exposure to risk. If a claim is made against you, then yourerror omission insurancepolicy will give you the means to deal with that claim. Many contracts require the contractors to have a specific sort of insurance coverage. Clearly, insurance policies help you do more but only so long as you have the right type of policy.

Do professionals need special insurance?

The many insurance policies available are intended to effectively address specific forms of risk. Since professionals are exposed to the risk of errors and omissions, it is in their best interest to have error omission insurance coverage. Consider these facts:

  • An error and omission policy covers you or your company if a client makes a claim that you have failed to provide a promised service or if the provided service did not have the promised results.
  • Some of these policies can protect you against claims made regarding past services so long as the claim is made during the active life of your policy.
  • Your error omission insurance policy can cover defense costs, settlements, and judgments.

If you regularly provide advice to clients, provide any type of professional service, or if you are required to carry some form of professional insurance, then you will likely need to purchase an error and omission policy. This type of policy is suited to the work you do and will help you accomplish more.