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Types of Coverage Available for Non Profits Insurance

Running a non-profit organization definitely takes its toll on an individual, and not just physically. Finances are often hard to take care of when there is no real income supporting the organization. Fortunately, the load can be lessened with non-profits insurance. Because there are various institutions and groups that are non-profit, there are different types of insurance coverage to meet each unique need. The following will outline just a couple.


Auto liability is one type of coverage that is typically available for service-oriented institutions. Many of these groups offer rides to individuals who don’t have other options. They may also use the car to pick up food or volunteers. Some organizations make house calls and might use the group’s vehicle to do so. Anytime there is a vehicle on the road, it is at risk of an accident. There is peace in knowing that any unforeseen incidents will not financially set the organization back.


Another type is property coverage. This often includes the actual buildings, as well as the contents inside the building that belong to the organization. Crime and theft are often covered under this insurance, as is equipment breakdowns.


As you can see, non-profits insurance is essential to the financial well being of a service-oriented organization. Because they are generally run by volunteers and do not make a profit, they probably wouldn’t be able to handle an extra financial obligation. Having proper insurance helps to keep them financially afloat.