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3 Tips for Making Commercial Truck Tires Last Longer

3 Tips for Making Commercial Truck Tires Last Longer

Driving a truck for a living can have major associated costs. Gasoline, insurance, truck maintenance and food costs can all add up quickly. Here are a few ways to increase the longevity of your commercial truck tires so you can save a little more cash for other things.

Rotate Regularly

Tires tend to wear out unevenly across the outer or inner edges. Rotate your tires regularly to spread the wear and tear out over the entire surface of the tire. This is a major way to increase the longevity of your rubber.

Go Below the Speed Limit

Driving fast means you are placing a higher degree of friction on your tires, especially when stopping or turning. Driving slowly means your tires will be exposed to less friction and therefore less wear and tear. Whenever possible, drive below the speed limit and your tires will last that much longer.

Inflate Properly

Overinflating or underinflating your tires will result in uneven wear across the tread. Make sure to inflate your tires to the proper amount so the tread wears down in an even manner. Remember, if the tires wear out unevenly, you can always rotate them to even out the wear pattern.

There are other ways to increase the lifespan of your tires. These are just a few obvious pointers for making commercial truck tires last longer.


The Ins and Outs of Insurance for Trucking Companies

The Ins and Outs of Insurance for Trucking Companies

Operating a trucking company can put you in an interesting position when it comes to insurance. While all industries offer unique insurance challenges, the transportation field comes with a ton of risks and variables. Every single time a driver gets behind the wheel of a company truck, there is the potential for an accident. To cover all potential risks, you want to focus on taking out a plan that will keep your workers safe and help you protect your vehicles and other company assets.

Occupational Accident Insurance Basics

It is always best to consider the specifics when providing insurance for your drivers. When you have a strong idea of what occupational accident insurance for trucking companies is, for example, it can provide you with a much easier experience overall. Occupational coverage typically includes an array of commonplace risks associated with the transportation industry. What’s more, it can also be used as a way of providing workers’ compensation coverage in some states. Be sure to check over local regulations to know what applies to your state. Additional areas to focus on include:

  • Coverage for independent contractors
  • Weather and road hazards
  • Proper coverage for the vehicle itself

Research All Your Options

There are several ways to go about providing your drivers with ample coverage while they’re on the road. Review the basics and get a better feel for all the options available to you.