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Choosing the Right Rating Software

Insurance, whether it be a life, home, auto, or business owner policy, is an important investment. Individuals and businesses alike want the most complete protection at affordable rates, so it is equally important that agencies are educated on choosing the right rating software. Knowing how financially stable an insurance provider is helps agents assist clients in choosing the company with the highest likelihood of being able to pay a justified claim. One way this is accomplished is with insurance company software which uses a number of criteria to analyze different carriers in order to offer clients the best possible insurance coverage for their specific needs. A quality insurance rating system evaluates and compares criteria such as investment risks, operating performance, financial flexibility, competitive position and the liquidity of multiple insurance companies. It then assigns a rating to each carrier which allows agents to present clients with only the highest rated providers from which to choose. In addition to rating insurance carriers, automated rating systems also evaluate and compare specific types of policies such as home owners insurance and auto insurance, and indicate which carriers offer the best discounts for multiple policies, such as combining home and auto packages. Independent agents simply can’t afford to be without quality insurance rating software.