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Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial Auto Coverage
We know how important it is to have insurance on our personal autos. Now imagine if your company vehicle was uninsured and responsible for an accident. It would open up your company to liability and lawsuits while putting your assets at risk. This is why finding commercial auto insurance in Orlando FL is so important to protect your business.

What is Covered?

Commercial auto insurance in Orlando FL covers not only against lawsuits. It also covers the vehicle in the event it is damaged by collisions, weather events, or even theft. There are typically four major types of coverage that take place with a commercial auto insurance plan.
  • Collision coverage and physical damage-This is the specific part of commercial auto insurance that covers events unrelated to a car accident including weather damage, theft, or vandalism.
  • Medical payment coverage- If you or your passengers are injured during a car accident, this will cover medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault
  • Uninsured motorist coverage- This ensures that if an uninsured motorist causes an accident, damages to the vehicle and bodily harm expenses are covered
  • Auto liability coverage- Covers property, vehicle, and bodily injury expenses that are caused by you including legal expenses or settlement costs.
Find the most comprehensive commercial auto insurance Orlando FL has to offer to keep yourself and your business away from liability risk.