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Common Cleaning Service Insurance Claims

Common Cleaning Service Insurance Claims

Cleaning companies take on unique risks. While there are other businesses who provide subcontracted work in offices and workplaces owned by other companies, most of them do not operate after hours. They also do not tend to have the access cleaning company employees do. That access not only exposes you to liability in the event of employee malfeasance, it can also leave employees in a vulnerable spot with regard to potential threats to their own safety, so you need insurance that is prepared to deal with cleaning service claims of any type.

What Kinds of Claims Are Most Common?

Cleaning services have claims that fall into these general categories as a matter of course. Given enough time, they're just common incidents that happen with one client or another. While not every service encounters every issue, they're the ones that happen most often. Of course, your insurance should also protect you against foreseeable but less likely events to fully manage the risks to your business.

  • Environmental or hazardous material exposure claims by employees and others
  • Slip and fall incidents involving client employees, members of the public, or your own people
  • Lost keys and associated damages resulting from their misuse
  • Property damage
  • False advertising in the description of services or fees

This last item might seem like it could be easily avoided, but the exact phrasing on your ad copy is incredibly important. Some cleaning service claims begin with a simple misunderstanding between the company's copy writer and the audience reading, but it can be an expensive one.