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Commonly Used Methods for Generating Insurance Leads

While two of the most popular methods of insurance lead generation are direct mail and telemarketing, you should be considering how the Internet could now help you create viable insurance lists as well. In the old days an agent would open up the phone book and start calling, but one way to insurance lead generation on line is performed today is to use banner ads. These are ads whose main purpose is to attract the eye of visitors to your website. Prospects click on them, are taken to your call to action form and hopefully complete their contact information. In this type of lead generation, you pay per 1000 impressions, similar to running an ad in a magazine where the cost is based on the circulation. Generally, this is the type of insurance marketing best used on small sites that have local traffic in your area. You have to determine where best to place these banner ads so you get maximum traffic. How Pay-Per-Click works One of the more popular methods is to use pay-per-click marketing with the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) so that when a prospect does a search for your product or service, they will see your advertisement. You pay the search engine for each click, and how much you pay is determined by how much you bid. The end result is that the prospect, upon clicking your ad, is then directed to your landing page. If it is well written and engaging, hopefully the prospect will take the next step by filling out your form with their contact information. By targeting your ads to just your geographic region you can avoid being outbid by bigger life insurance companies and annuity companies. If you concentrate on just your area you are more likely to get plenty of insurance leads.