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Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance for Non-Driving Incidents

With the many hazards that exist for a motorcyclist on the road today, collision coverage is often a top priority for bikers who ride frequently. While collision insurance is a must, comprehensive insurance for non-driving accidents tends to get overlooked. As you search for motorcycle insurance in NJ, do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of comprehensive motorcycle insurance for your bike.  

Theft and Vandalism

  Because motorcycles tend to be more lightweight and compact in comparison to cars, they are typically much more susceptible to theft and vandalism. Have you ever considered what may happen if someone decided to throw your motorcycle in the back of their truck and drive away? These cases of theft are not unheard of. With the right policy for motorcycle insurance in NJ you can protect your bike from such extreme incidents.   Vandalism coverage is also a key point to look for in your motorcycle insurance policy. Whether intentional or not, motorbikes tend to get bumped, scratched, and tipped over quite often, even when parked correctly in a parking stall. Other motorcycle vandalism policies might protect bike accessories such as chrome finishes or saddlebags in the case that someone maliciously destroys or steals your motorcycle property.   As you search for motorcycle insurance in NJ, be sure to customize your coverage to protect your bike, even in non-driving incidents like vandalism or theft.