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How Dangerous Dog Insurance Can Help Increase Your Ability to Rent

How Dangerous Dog Insurance Can Help Increase Your Ability to Rent
Many landlords are hesitant to rent to tenants who have dogs. This is especially true if you own a dog that is considered dangerous. Landlords are not trying to mean or discriminate against your dog. They have an actual, legitimate reason for not wanted to rent to you. Understanding that reason will make it easy to see how dangerous dog insurance can help make it easier for you to rent.

It Comes Down to Liability

So, a landlord won’t rent to you because you have what he says is a dangerous dog. The reason he is saying this is likely due to insurance. Landlords carry insurance to protect their property and to protect them against liability. Most insurance companies have limits and won’t offer coverage for certain dog breeds. He is probably just concerned about his liability should he rent to you and your dog ends up hurting someone.

What Can You Do?

Your best option is to invest in dangerous dog insurance. This insurance offers liability protection should you dog bite or other injury someone. Some landlords will look favorably on this and decide to rent to you because you have it. While you no doubt love your dog, you have to realize that liability is an issue. To put landlords’ minds at ease, gear up with dangerous dog insurance before you start trying to rent.