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Discover the Types of Insurance Available

As a high-risk company, it can be difficult to obtain insurance coverage in traditional markets, which is why Caitlin-Morgan Insurance offers high-risk companies several different types of insurance. Depending on your business's needs, you may require only one or several of the policies available; however, your best course of action to is to speak with an agent to establish your insurance needs.

Types of Policies

The policies Caitlin-Morgan Insurance offers vary, but they are all tailored for high-risk businesses:
  • Workers' compensation: Providing for your employees in the event of a workplace accident is critical, so make sure you have a policy in place that takes care of them if they become injured.
  • Captive solutions: These policies offer coverage to high-risk businesses while keeping premiums low. Many captive solutions give businesses an unprecedented amount of control over their policies.
  • Nursing home insurance: Assisted living facilities have unique needs that can only be covered by comprehensive policies tailored exclusively for them.

Protect Your Business From Tragedy

Don't wait until a financial disaster comes along to decide to get insurance. By the time the tragedy has happened, the damage is done. Insurance is only effective if you have it before a disaster. If your company has been turned down for insurance coverage before, or if you have inflexible credit ratings that are stifling your business, contact Caitlin-Morgan Insurance for more information about high-risk insurance.