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Ensure Your Employees Know Cyber Security

Ensure Your Employees Know Cyber Security
While you may be protecting your business with increased cyber security and insurance, the people working for you may not be so aware of cyber practices and techniques to protect not only themselves but the entire business. Cyber security training for employees is important because if a hacker finds just one cracked door in your business, they can break in. Depending on your insurance policy, cyber security training for employees may be required. Once that is proven, however, your insurance can cover even if an employee is at fault. Some important points to cover in training are as follows:

Company Computers

It's important for employees to know the dangers of installing software onto their company computers that have not been approved. They also should know to be wary of online links and to report immediately if a virus or malware has been detected on their computer.

Personal Devices

It is just as important to keep personal computers, phones, tablets, etc. secure if employees are accessing business data. They should avoid unsecured Wi-Fi, use strong passwords and keep their devices safe.

Social Engineering

While tricky, its important in cyber security training for employees that they are taught how to recognize phishing scams so that they do not give up important company information. These are possible through emails, social media, phone messages, websites and more.