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For Ethical Businesses, There Is Ethical Insurance

For Ethical Businesses, There Is Ethical Insurance
When you have an ethically based business, such as an animal sanctuary, it just feels better to be spending your money with businesses that have similar ideals. There are ethical insurance companies that share your beliefs that there is a better way to do business, and that is by behaving consciously with all your decisions. Anything that affects your business can end up affecting those animals that you are trying to save. Talking to an insurance professional is important to ensure that you have all the coverage that you may need. Among the policies that they may recommend are:
  • General Liability

All companies need this but, when you have animals on the premises, you need to be covered not just for slipping and falling but for biting as well.

  • Property Insurance

This covers the building or buildings, as well as their contents.

  • Auto Liability

This can cover the company’s vehicles as well as employees’ cars if they are used to do work for you.

  • Board Member Coverage

If you have a governing board, you may need insurance to cover claims against those members.

  • Worker’s Compensation

Any company that has employees needs this type of coverage to pay for medical bills and, potentially, disability pay if an employee is injured on the job. The last thing you want is to have your business that you have worked hard at and are doing so much good with to be endangered because of lack of insurance. With an ethical insurance company, you can rest assured that you are spending money with a business that will not go out and do harm with their earnings.