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Extra Insurance Policies: The Importance of Excess Liability

Extra Insurance Policies: The Importance of Excess Liability
If you are shopping for insurance policies, the types of coverages that you require depend heavily on what you need it for. No matter the type of insurance coverage that you have, you should always consider excess liability insurance. Excess liabilty insurance can be extremely beneficial. Here is what you need to know about excess liability.

What Is Excess Liability Insurance?

Excess liability insurance can be used for businesses, homeowners and more. Essentially, excess liability insurance boosts your underlying policy limits. For instance, if you have general liability insurance but someone is injured and those injuries exhaust your policy limit, your excess liability will cover it too. Excess liability affects coverages that you already have.

Do You Need Excess Liability Insurance?

There are specific risk factors that make excess liability insurance important. Some risk factors include:
  • Owning a swimming pool
  • Having a dog
  • Driving a vehicle regularly
If you consider your exposure to liability risks to be high, then you need to consider excess liability coverage. To find out if you need excess liability, you can always ask your insurance agent for advice. All insurance policies have a limit. Sometimes, your injuries or damages can extend beyond the typical insurance policy. Excess liability insurance solves the problem.