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Fall Yacht Maintenance

Fall Yacht Maintenance
A yacht requires a lot of attention to keep it running smoothly, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Here are some tasks to add to your fall yacht maintenance list. It is best to accomplish these before the weather turns cold.


Close the seacocks to make sure the pipes and hoses don't freeze. Just remember to open them again before starting the engine. You also should install mooring covers as well as covers on the engine vents.


Fall is the time to check on your battery. Make sure the water level is where it should be, clean the contact points, and spray them with a battery terminal protector and sealant.


Inspect all teak on the outside of the boat. If it is looking dry or discolored, give it some attention with Tung or linseed oil.


  • Adjust the dorado vents to allow air to circulate but water to stay out.
  • Check the ports for leaks.
  • Deflate any non-davit dinghies and store them properly.
Your yacht is like your baby that you love and protect. Before putting it to bed for the winter, be sure you have tucked it in so that it remains safe and sound until spring.