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Float Plan Information Guidelines

Float Plan Information Guidelines
Are you planning to spend time on the water? Then one important thing you need to do is file a float plan. This is a critical and often overlooked part of boater safety. A plan provides comprehensive information to an individual who will help oversee your trip itinerary. If you do not make it to your destination as designated, they can notify the proper authorities to make certain you are safe.

Float Plan Details

This is the type of information you should include in your float plan:
  • Personal data: Write down your name and phone number.
  • Boat specifications: Provide the type, make, model, year, color, length, registration number, survival equipment and the name of the vessel (if applicable).
  • Individuals onboard: Give the names, addresses and phone number of all people on board the vessel and be sure to include yourself.
  • Trip plan: Detail your departure and destination information, leave and arrival times and dates, and any stops while on the journey.
  • Vehicle and trailer information: Supply information about your vehicle and trailer and give complete registration information for both.
Always clearly note your expected return date and specify any authorities to be notified if you fail to get back on time. The experienced insurers at also remind boaters that proper insurance coverage is necessary to keep you safe on the water. Float plans and insurance are good common-sense ways to protect you on any boat outing.