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General Aviation Insurance

General Aviation Insurance
General liability is not legally required for non-commercial owners in the aviation business. However, the majority of accidents and crashes involve small aircraft and private owners. This often leaves passengers injured in a crash to pay for their own medical expenses afterward, a path that could lead to lawsuits. Why risk all of that when you can invest in general aviation insurance?

General Liability Insurance

General liability in the aviation industry can fall on the owners and pilots of aircrafts that get in a crash. General aviation liability insurance is designed to protect everyone involved, including the owners, pilots and passengers. It can cover property damage as well.

Customizable Options

Most insurance companies provide plenty of options for aviation coverage depending on your needs and uses. Whether you have charter or corporate planes, helicopters or experimental aircraft, you can find a policy that covers yourself and your property. You can also get coverage for financial institutions. Specialized insurance is available that covers specific parts of the aircraft, family travel and medical expenses. Most other insurances don’t cover anything aviation-related, so you will need to look into policies specifically for aircraft. Take out insurance before you fly to give you the peace of mind that you are covered in case an accident occurs.