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General Liability Coverage for Community Action Agencies

The Economic Opportunity Act, initiated during Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, established Community Action Agencies for the purpose of helping impoverished citizens gain self-sufficiency. Nearly 1,000 agencies operate today, with resources that range anywhere from job training staff to food pantry goods. These agencies rely on volunteers for workers and function as non-profit organizations. Any major financial problems, especially legal ones, can cause an agency to crumble due to lack of funds. Since community action programs help many struggling people get back on their feet, it is important that they stay active in order to better individual lives and communities as a whole. To protect against legal complications, community action centers should invest in general liability coverage. This type of insurance should cover a broad spectrum of items, including but not limited to bodily injury claims, medical and funeral expenses, and property damage, as well as professional, sexual abuse, and liquor liabilities. In case of any wrongdoing allegations or injury to people or property, community action programs can stay afloat and continue to function. Obtaining general liability coverage from a company that specializes in insuring non-profits is the easiest way for agencies to receive protection from the most common vulnerabilities. Community Action Agencies that want to continue operating in the face of a legal crisis should acquire general liability insurance. The coverage provided can ensure that employees and volunteers are able to aid those in need through thick and thin.