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Group Disability Made Simple

Group Disability Made Simple
If you have worker's compensation coverage in your insurance policy for your business, you may wonder why you would need coverage to apply to the injury or illness of employees. However, caring for your employees well often includes short-term disability group coverage.

The Basics

The fact of the matter is that your employees could face huge losses if they must be away from work for more than a few days at a time. Group disability allows you to offer help if an employee must miss work for medical reasons. The amount given is a predetermined percentage of the employee's salary. This can even apply to an absence like maternity leave. Short-term group disability coverage is based on the assumption that the worker will be returning to their job at the end of medical leave.

The Purpose

If your company can offer a robust benefits package to care for a plethora of medical possibilities, then perhaps group disability isn't necessary for you. However, this type of coverage is helpful to businesses who can't afford top quality medical benefits for every one of their workers. It ensures that they will still be taken care of in case of an accident or severe illness. This small addition can be very beneficial to your benefits packages for your employees. Insurance experts can help you determine exactly what you need to best serve your employees and grow your business.