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he Importance Of Connecticut Auto Detailing Insurance

he Importance Of Connecticut Auto Detailing Insurance
connecticut auto detailing insuranceBusinesses that specialize in auto detailing encounter many unique risks on a daily basis.  Not only do they work with expensive equipment, but they also work with other people’s valuable property.  If you work in the auto detailing industry, you ought to consider investing in Connecticut auto detailing insurance.  Proper insurance coverage can protect you from the many “what ifs” that could happen in this type of industry.   What Kinds Of Coverage Are Available?   A large variety of auto detailing insurance components are available to protect your business, including the following:
  • General Liability Insurance covers your business form a variety of general mishaps that occur on your property.  It can even include injuries sustained by customers if they happen to trip over a cord. You can choose from a variety of coverage plans to cover the most unlikely of events.
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance protects against damage to your customers’ vehicles while they are in your possession.  It can also protect against fire, theft, and movement of the vehicles.
  • Business Interruption Insurance helps to sustain your business due to a loss of income after a flood, fire, or other disaster that keeps you from working out of your insured location.
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance is a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees that were injured on the job.  An insurance agent can help you decide on the appropriate amount of coverage for your type of business.
  Don’t put off getting Connecticut auto detailing insurance until it’s too late.  Contact an insurance agent today.