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Important Features of Construction Insurance

Insuring your construction business is extremely important. There are many options which allow you to cover your business, so understanding exactly what you need is ideal. Here are a few of the special coverage types that can help your construction business succeed.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial liability insurance is a generalized policy which covers the standard liability risks which most businesses are subject to. It covers things like injury to visitors and damage to property. This coverage can include both legal fees and settlements for injured parties. This type of insurance is a must-have for every type of business, including construction.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk Insurance is a necessity for any construction company or contractor. This type of policy covers a structure that is under construction. It is designed to cover the work which is being done in the event of an accident, vandalism or act of God. It even covers items which are waiting to be installed in the building, including those which are on site and in transit. Builders Risk Insurance is a great policy for anyone working in the construction industry because it protects the work as it is being done. Ensuring that your construction business is covered in the event of an accident, unforeseen circumstance or emergency is crucial to keeping yourself afloat. Cover your business and give yourself one fewer thing to worry about.