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Important Insurance Policies for Teachers

[caption id="attachment_424" align="alignright" width="300"] Directors and Officers for Educators[/caption] Every professional needs to consider the possibility of liability. If you are unprotected by insurance, a lot of money and even a career can be at stake. Teachers are no different. Their school or school district will carry various policies, which may include the following:
  • General Liability
  • Directors and Officers for Educators
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Commercial Crime Liability
Why Get Directors and Officers Policies Teaching, like other public service careers, is a unique profession in that profit is not the fundamental motive. Instead, seeing young people learn is the goal. Yet what goes on in schools is not without issue. Laws change regularly, and the paperwork can be difficult to interpret. Unintentional violations can occur, and parents may challenge the schools over various issues. So the school, and the teacher, needs be covered by policies like Directors and Officers for Educators insurance. The Unique World of Education A public school and its power structure are very different than a typical corporation and its board of directors. Yet when teachers and schools make decisions that affect children about grading, testing, discipline, or eligibility for sports, they may be open to lawsuits. For example, a parent may claim that the school and its teachers are not doing what they can to modify a child’s educational plan when he or she has a documented learning disability. A good insurer can provide Directors and Officers for Educators policies that truly do pertain specifically to teachers. They will protect personal assets, provide reimbursement to the school if necessary, and as well as provide money for a legal defense.