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Industry Trends in Temporary Staffing

Industry Trends in Temporary Staffing
It is important for those in the industry to keep up with current trends. Those who work with the industry, such as those who provide temporary staffing insurance, will gain a deeper understanding of their field by recognizing large scale changes in the industry.

Continued Growth

With periods of high unemployment there becomes an increasing need for temporary workers and for skilled employees to gain temporary employment. The staffing industry is currently experiencing growth that is outpacing most other industries. Even as the economy recovers, the industry is expected to continue to grow to unprecedented levels.

Diverse Skill Sets

With more industries looking to work with staffing agencies, there is a definite need for temporary workers who have specific training and qualifications. Some industries that rely on staffing agencies to fill temporary positions and require specialized skills are healthcare, education, information technology, finance and legal. The industrial industry still makes up a key segment of temporary workers as well; up to 35% in fact. Temporary staffing insurance will need to concentrate on these emerging markets and agencies will need to make sure that they have policies to match their risks. Recognizing emerging and consistent trends will help those who work in or with the temporary staffing industry understand where the market is going and how it can be best served.