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How Insurance Helps Hospices

How Insurance Helps Hospices
Hospices provide a range of care which extends beyond the physical, offering emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual support for patients and their families. But while hospice workers carry the weight of the world for their patients, who carries that weight for them? Specialty insurance for hospices can go a long way towards alleviating the pressure placed on professional caregivers, allowing them to focus on their patients, rather than liability, while they perform their important work. Continue reading for a sample of the protections hospices can gain from having specialized insurance.

Liability Claims

Your corner is never empty when you have a comprehensive insurance policy for your hospice. Your insurance policy can provide coverage for general liability claims, such as accidents which occur on site, professional liability claims, such as potential staff error or negligence, and automobile liability claims related to vehicles used for hospice business.

Employment Cases

If your hospice faces lawsuits from former or current employees, including but not limited to suits related to wrongful termination, harassment, or discrimination, your insurance can provide a helping hand with legal fees and settlements.

HIPAA Breaches

Patient data can be costly if mishandled, even if the mishandling is through no fault of your own. Specialty insurance for hospices can provide legal and financial defense against potentially devastating lawsuits or fines which might result from accidental HIPAA violations. As you can see, hospices can face many legal and monetary challenges, but when they’re equipped with tailored insurance, they don’t have to face them alone.