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Insurers Also Need Coverage

When you provide insurance and financial services, it is easy to find yourself in a lawsuit related to the handling of claims, asset management, financial advice, product sales, and even loss control. These all sound like risks that you would easily associate with your business, but have you covered yourself? Professional liability insurance for insurance agents is a growing trend. One you cannot afford to avoid.

What Type of Policy is Needed?

Also commonly referred to as errors and omission or E&O insurance, professional liability coverage can protect you as an insurance agent, as well as the clients you serve. Additionally, your growing business easily benefits from the steadfast protection that is built into the coverage. The scope of your policy should be written with a keen eye to ensure that you as an agent are completely protected from having to withstand the full brunt of a negligence defense, or any damages that could be handed down by a judge. The potential causes of a liability claim vary greatly, but all end in harm to your image, your company, and those who work for and with you.

Act Today

Every day that you operate without proper coverage is another day of "living on the edge," so to speak. That is not a good way to build a business! Professional liability insurance for insurance agents is widely available. Start your policy today!