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Maintaining Your Home for a Hassle-Free Life

Maintaining Your Home for a Hassle-Free Life
As Dorothy famously kept repeating during her journey to Oz, “There’s no place like home.” Your dwelling is a sanctuary that lets you recharge and relax. Your job, in turn, is to keep your home and its grounds well-maintained and protected as much as possible. There are several facets to caring for your residence.

Inside Jobs

Break down cleaning and maintenance jobs into easy increments. For example, once weekly, clean your floors with a broom and either a vacuum or a dust mop. Bathroom maintenance can also be broken down into weekly increments such as cleaning hair out of a bathtub drain or tending to damaged or discolored grout.

Outside Work

Each week, set aside at least half an hour to do specific outdoor tasks. These include trimming shrubs, pruning trees, and cleaning leaves and debris off walkways and paths. Regular outside work gives your home a high curb appeal.

Insurance Protection

You need the right insurance policy for your home in the event disaster strikes. You need a policy that offers you the guaranteed replacement cost. Studies show almost 80 percent of American homes are under-insured. Source: Owens Group insurance Regular maintenance is vital for keeping your home in great shape, inside and out. Breaking such a big job into small, regular increments makes it manageable. However, the right type of policy and amount of insurance coverage is also vital for your peace of mind as a homeowner. Should your home be damaged, you want to know you can rebuild and move forward.