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Many Businesses Do Not Realize They Are At Risk

Service-oriented professionals who are serious about protecting their businesses may have heard about the importance of errors and omissions insurance. They may not however know how important it is to work with an agency that specializes in niche professional liability insurance and knows about the unique exposures they may face.  

An Agent For Everyone

  Some insurance agents focus on medical malpractice insurance. Other insurance agents know about working with architects and engineers. Still others might be experts on insurance specifically designed for jewelers, hairstylists, or transportation services. Only by keeping abreast of a particular industry can an insurance agent be able to draft a policy that protects a professional in that industry as fully and precisely as possible.  

Size Matters

  The size of a business will also impact the kind of niche professional liability insurance they should purchase. Insurance agents should be able to tailor their policies to best benefit large, small, or medium size organizations. Always discuss the relationship between a business’s size and the insurance being offered before agreeing to a specific insurance policy. Agreeing to an insurance policy designed for a larger business is an unnecessary expense, while settling for a policy that isn’t comprehensive enough may leave a business vulnerable.   The best way to be certain that a professional liability insurance policy is designed specifically for a company is by working with an insurance agency that has experience partnering with that company’s industry.