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Must Have Home Healthcare Business Insurance

Must Have Home Healthcare Business Insurance

Having a home healthcare business can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, it also comes with a fair amount of risk and liability. This is why you need home healthcare business insurance. Here is a look at the coverage you will need.

General Liability Insurance

General liability is a must-have for any business. Due to the serious nature of a home healthcare business, it is even more important. This covers you if a patient slips or has an accident while in your care.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance covers you if a family member or guardian accuses you of malpractice or negligence. It can also cover you in the event of a mistake or oversight.

Other Types of Helpful Insurance

In addition to general and professional liability, you should also have these policies:

  • commercial automobile Insurance - if you or your workers drive to any location
  • Home-based business insurance - this covers you if you work out of your home
  • Business owner's insurance - this is often a combination of commercial property and liability coverage
  • Workers' Compensation insurance - this insurance helps cover an on-the-job injury.

It is important to have the proper home healthcare business insurance. Without it, you put your workers and patients at risk.