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Planning Ahead Prevents Potential Problems

Planning Ahead Prevents Potential Problems
Every state has a dog bite law in place to protect the victims of dog bites. However, this law is just part of a safety net that you can build on and strengthen. By identifying potentially hazardous dog situations before engaging and by having extra insurance, you can be better covered in a worst case scenario. Dog bite law Measuring The Risks Of A Dog Bite There are several factors that can contribute to a potential dog bite or attack, which can range from the mental state of the dog to the circumstances that the dog is in. These can include:
  • The dog in question being male
  • Agitation, fear, or pain
  • Dogs traveling in packs
  • Breed type
  • Tethered or chained dog
  • Newness (either of the dog to a home, or a new person entering a home that a dog is already part of)
Any of these can up the risk factor of a dog becoming willing to bite a person. If two or more are present, the dog should be avoided to prevent bites from happening. Protecting Yourself As A Dog Owner Under nearly every dog bite law, the owner is responsible for the dog that does the biting and therefore has to cover any costs that could come from a bite. To further protect yourself in the case of a bite, you should look into getting insurance that will cover bites, allowing your In eliminating some of the risks and hazards involved in dog bite or potential dog bite cases, you will be able to save yourself much concern.