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Protect Yourself from Malpractice Claims

Protect Yourself from Malpractice Claims

Malpractice claims are a serious concern for professionals in the healthcare or legal industry, and being prepared to address any claims can only happen with quality insurance. There are many professional liability lawyers in Torrance who are experienced with assessing coverage needs and underwriting claims that can comprehensively address potential threats.

The American Bar Association warns those in the legal field of the need for malpractice insurance, estimating that three claims will be brought against lawyers throughout the course of their careers. The most common claims include:

  • Clerical error: Elements could include mistakes in the typed legal descriptions, transpositions or numbers or errors which may have been avoided with through and effective proofreading.
  • Conflict of interest: Associations, connections or decisions made by the lawyers that allegedly had a conflict of interest concerning the well-being or case of the client.

Knowledge and application of the law: Clients allege legal counsel failed to be properly informed on elements of the law or failed to apply them to along appropriate principles. It may also include instances of erroneous reasoning.

Lack of action or timely services: The attorney is accused of not performing their duties in a timely manner or not taking action at all.

Through the services offered by the professional liability lawyers in Torrance, your legal practice can find the protection needed by obtaining the right malpractice coverage.