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Protecting Against Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Protecting Against Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Sometimes, injuries happen on the job. It could be an employee falling on a wet surface. Maybe someone drops a heavy object onto their toes. After the injury, an employee usually files for workers' compensation. If they qualify, this compensation can be valuable. It can help cover medical costs or lost wages due to healing time. Sometimes, people try to take advantage of this important claim process. That is why it is important to be alert for workers compensation fraud.  

Understanding Workers' Comp Fraud

Simply put, workers' comp fraud occurs when an individual falsely claims to be injured in the workplace. They try and seek compensation for this false claim. A few warning signs can help you determine if this is the case. The medical report could conflict with the injuries an employee claims they have. An employee could be difficult to contact. These are just a few examples. If something feels suspicious, pay attention.

Ways to Protect Against It

Having a clear zero-tolerance policy can also give employees a clear understanding of possible consequences. Being meticulous with the filing process can also help.

Working closely with an insurance company throughout the claim could also be a good preventative measure. Pay close attention to discrepancies and communicate them. This can help all parties get through the process smoothly.