Physicians Access One Resource, Obtain Tons of Research Information

The medical profession is on the cutting edge of major advances with physicians and researchers submitting papers and studies throughout the year. It can become overwhelming trying to keep on top of the all the information available out there – whether you’re on-line, receiving journals through the mail, or getting articles sent to you by colleagues.

Through the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) network, you have a portal where you can access medical research that is of interest to you. Established in 1883 by the American Medical Association (AMA), JAMA publishes original research, reviews, commentaries, editorials, essays, medical news, correspondence, and ancillary content.

With the JAMA network, you can tap into the areas in which you specialize in and get the insight and latest information regarding your specialty without having to sift through the barrage of literature out there. If your specialty is in dermatology, you can filter through to articles and research related to that field; or let’s say your field is in neurology and you want to access the latest research being done on the brain, you will use the JAMA network to access data and articles related to this.

The functionality of the network is easy to use…you just type in the keyword or phrase related to the subject matter you are interested in, and a list of research papers and articles will be appear. You can then access those that are relevant to you.

Moreover, you will have at your fingertips access to multimedia features, such as videos and audios. Also included is access to quizzes to help with continuing medical education (CME).