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Why a Responsive Website is Everything

Why a Responsive Website is Everything
Making your website mobile friendly is critical in this day and age, as the vast majority of people conduct searches for products and services on their smartphone. The most effective websites for insurance agents leverage a responsive design that is optimized for mobile use.

A Need for Speed

When it comes to mobile use, slow and steady does not win the race. People who conduct searches on their smartphone want a website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. After all, they are likely surfing on the go and they are working with a screen that is significantly smaller than a laptop or desktop. So if a prospect cannot obtain the information they need – for example, a quote – within minutes or even seconds, they will likely leave your website and go elsewhere to continue shopping.

Onscreen and In Charge

Reading text on your smartphone can be challenging due to the size and the lighting of your environment. This is one reason videos on mobile websites for insurance agents have become so popular with consumers. Videos also give you the opportunity to position yourself and your business as the authority on the type of insurance you sell, building confidence and trust in your services. Plus, a strong verbal call-to-action can be quite compelling once you have established a rapport with prospects via videos. Building your website with a responsive design is well worth the investment, as these websites for insurance agents attract more leads and help usher them through the sales funnel.