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Risks of Expanding Business into Propane Delivery

Risks of Expanding Business into Propane Delivery
If you've been considering diversifying your heat and oil business to include propane delivery services, this can be a profitable move. However, there are also many things to keep in mind before jumping into this new endeavor.

Financial Considerations

Going into the propane industry will require a large financial investment. It could put a significant financial strain on the rest of your business. Many of the upfront costs that you will need to consider include bobtails, storage families and tanks for your consumers. If your business is in a strong position financially, then this move can make a lot of sense. For businesses that are already struggling, it can make their situation worse.

Safety Considerations

Because propane is a hazardous chemical, your employees will have to go through additional training in safe housing and delivering propane. Some of the hazards include:
  • Propane inhalation
  • Direct skin contact
  • Correct use of protective equipment
  • Environmental disasters
These risks will necessitate the addition of propane dealers insurance to your commercial policy. If there is a mishap, you want to ensure your business is protected. Propane can appear to be a lucrative business, and it can be if you have the resources to get a new business off the ground. Understand the risks and be cautious as you enter into the industry.