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Labor Force Protection Through Workers’ Comp

Labor Force Protection Through Workers’ Comp

Both federal and state-level governments have taken steps to ensure that the United States’ labor force is protected from exploitation and hazardous working conditions. While there are rules governing working conditions, there have also been regulations to address workers’ benefits and wages.

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation

Under workers’ compensation legislature, eligible injured workers receive both medical care and partial repayment of lost income for injuries sustain on the job. This coverage is offered through a benefits plan, with the limitations of an application being influenced by the size and scope of the business. This coverage also protects employers from being sued by employees who were injured while working.

The Eligibility of Workers’ Compensation

There are many variables in determining eligibility for workers’ comp, though the primary factor for companies required to carry it is how many employees are on payroll. There are some smaller businesses and services that elect to carry and offer this coverage to their employees, and an FLDFS proof of coverage search would reveal which employers offer a policy.

State governments determine what coverage is required, and some states dictate where the plan must be purchased. Employers that don’t comply are exposed to heavy penalties from state authorities, as well as the financial burden of settling an accident or injury claim out of pocket. Either of these situations could be devastating for a company.