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What is a Capsize Screening Formula?

What is a Capsize Screening Formula?

Sailing is a popular sport for people who love adventures on the water and have a passion for letting the wind fill their sails. However, sailing requires knowledge and expertise to execute it safely. A sailor needs to understand their sailboat and the risks involved. One risk of sailing is capsizing. A formula called the capsize screening formula was developed to assist boat owners and designers when looking at sailboat dimensions.

In 1979, disaster struck the Fastnet race resulting in 15 deaths and multiple rolled boats. After this unfortunate event, it was determined that the International Offshore Rule (IOR) was inadvertently promoting the manufacturing of unsafe vessels. Experts got together to develop a safer formula and the capsize screening formula was born. 

The capsize screening formula is broken down into the following steps: Capsize Screening Rating = Boat’s Maximum Beam (feet)/Cube Root (Gross Displacement/64).

After plugging in a boat’s numbers, you want the result to be less than two to be considered safe. If the number is greater than two, the boat is at a greater risk of capsizing in rough waters or windy conditions. Safety is the key to enjoying saying. Before you make a boat purchase or venture out onto the open water, make sure you know the sailboats capsize screening score