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Claim Protection for Your Pooch

Claim Protection for Your Pooch

Choosing a dog can be exciting. This is a creature who will live with you and be dependent upon you their entire life. It’s crucial to select a breed that fits with your lifestyle, living situation and personality. Purchasing breed-specific liability insurance for dogs can help protect you from claims once your new family member comes home. Below are some things to consider when deciding on your pet.

  • Have you owned a dog before?
  • How bark tolerant are you?
  • How much time can you commit to training a dog?
  • Do you have small children?
  • Do you have a yard?

Medical and Legal Coverage

Even the friendliest of dogs can cause injuries. If Fido feels threatened or believes that you need protection, he may take action. Playful pups may scratch and cause serious damage. Some homeowner’s and renter’s insurance offers limited coverage, but it may not be enough. Depending on the dog breed, they may be exempt from the standard policies.

Medical and legal expenses can pile up quickly if you don’t have the right protection. Ask your insurance professional about stand-alone liability insurance for dogs. It pays for damages and injuries caused to another person when your dog is responsible. A pet specific policy can give you peace of mind and protect you both from claims in the event of an injury.