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Taking Care of Your Laundromat Around the Clock

Taking Care of Your Laundromat Around the Clock
A laundromat is a hub of activity from the moment it opens to long after it closes. While as a business owner or manager you may want to be onsite making sure nothing happens at all time, accidents can happen in even the safest locations. That why it is imperative to acquire coin laundromat insurance as soon as possible. With just a few of these types of relevant policies, you can better protect your laundromat at all times.

Equipment Insurance

Washers, dryers and other equipment are the blood of a laundromat. If there are frequent machine breakdowns, clients can feel frustrated and move to another local laundromat. Equipment insurance can help in case of damage or breakdowns depending on your insurance contract. 

General Liability

Dozens of clients come and go from a laundromat. Each customer is also usually maneuvering around a laundromat during their time there. Now, imagine what would happen if one of these clients slipped on a spill or water puddle on your premises? These days, a lawsuit is likely to follow. Thankfully, general liability insurance is there to help with any medical or legal expenses that may arise.

Flood Insurance

You can never go wrong with flood insurance. Having a policy built for the risks of a laundromat can save you big time over the years. Make sure to consider employment practices and property insurance in your coin laundromat insurance package.