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Temporary Staff, Permanent Challenges

Temporary Staff, Permanent Challenges
Many industries rely on temporary staff to maintain their workforce, and staffing specialists fill this need. In addition to the challenges of attracting and retaining excellent help, temporary staffing insurance can provide a unique set of challenges for these agencies.

What Kind of Insurance Is Necessary?

While the employees of a staffing agency may be doing their work for a variety of businesses, their insurance needs fall on the agency that supplies them. Depending on the type of services offered, appropriate coverage's may include:
  • employee benefits liability
  • crime coverage
  • workers' compensation
  • abusive acts liability
Obviously, the specifics of any agency's needs will depend on the types of temporary staffing offered, and the list above is far from complete. It is critical to work with an experienced insurance provider to find the right solutions for reducing your risk.

Protecting Agencies and Their Employees

Ultimately, the purpose of temporary staffing insurance is coverage for the kinds of situations unique to the industry. For obvious reasons, a staffing agency has far less control over their workers' environments and behaviors than a traditional, permanent employer. The right coverage reduces the risk of exposure for factors outside the agency's control, and allows you to focus on serving the clients whose staffing needs you address.