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Temporary Staffing Insurance Can Widen a Staffing Agency’s Client Base

When workers are hired at a company with the help of a staffing agency, the staffing agency retains a certain amount of responsibility for their performance. Because of the relationship between the workers, the hiring companies and the staffing agency, damages to the company that result from the hired workers’ actions may require compensation on the part of the staffing agency. This is the reason that many such agencies acquire temporary staffing insurance.  

Optional, but Sometimes Required

  Temporary staffing insurance coverage is not a requirement for a staffing agency. However, the absence of such coverage can severely limit the companies that will do business with a given staffing agency. In order to maximize the pool of potential clients, agencies responsible for placing temporary and temp-to-hire workers should acquire the appropriate insurance plans.  

Recommended Insurance Plans

  A good temporary staffing insurance plan will include such components as general liability and professional liability. General liability deals with property damage that a worker may be immediately responsible for. Injury to persons is also included in this type of coverage. Professional liability, on the other hand, covers financial losses resulting from lawsuits brought on by a worker’s negligence. Any type of work that could involve malpractice necessitates a solid professional liability insurance plan on the part of a temporary staffing agency. With appropriate insurance coverage, a staffing agency will be prepared to handle any situations in which it may be held partially responsible for a worker’s misconduct.