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Temporary Suspension of Truck Driving Limits

Temporary Suspension of Truck Driving Limits
The country has experienced a shortage of supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, truck driving limits lifted to help stores and healthcare providers meet the needs of people. However, there are some stipulations around the regulation suspension.

Applicable Carriers

As seen on, the current pandemic has sparked the necessity of suspending truck driving hour limitations. Not all carriers have the ability to increase the driving time. Those who supply food, medical supplies and necessary sanitation goods fall within the temporary suspension.

Unprecedented Announcement

This is the first-time limits have been lifted nationwide since adopted. The unprecedented move hopes to improve efficiency and timeliness to impacted areas. Many of these locations have a variety of shortages from hand sanitizer to toilet paper to N95 masks. These goods are essential for people to meet daily needs and combat the spread of the virus.

Normal Regulations

For those carriers who do not deliver necessary goods, they must abide by the driving limits in place. Truckers not sure if they qualify should ask the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration or local law enforcement for clarity. Even though the truck-driving limits lifted for certain carriers, it is uncertain when the limits will go back into place for all carriers. The hope is the temporary suspension can help with immediate supply issues.