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Ten Commons Workplace Injury Claims

Ten Commons Workplace Injury Claims
Although employee injury coverage is required by most states, the nature of your company’s workers comp solutions will determine how effective your insurance has protected your bottom line and claims experience. Workers’ comp plans are written to address the exposures your employees face, and the more risks in the workplace, the more expensive the plan will be. However, the cost of the premium is a small price to pay when dealing with an employee injury claim is issued against the company. Here are the most common claims filed on workers’ comp policies.
  1. Overextension of muscles or physical ability
  2. Electrocution from wiring or installation tasks
  3. Trips slip and fall on walkways or wet floors
  4. Being struck by or against an object
  5. Machinery accident causing mutilation or being crushed
  6. Transportation accidents
  7. Exposure to harmful toxins or chemicals
  8. Workplace violence between employees
  9. Accidental overdoses of non-medical use substances
  10. Death or dismemberment by fire or explosions
The group of professionals at Insure My Work Comp advise that each company establishes a risk management strategy in addition to the purchase of a comprehensive workers’ comp plan. Being able to identify the areas of risk allows a company to establish processes that can minimize the threat, helping create a more safe work environment and lowering the costs of the insurance premiums.