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The Best Marketing Tool for Your Cannabis Business

The Best Marketing Tool for Your Cannabis Business
Cannabis is one of the most challenging sectors to the market. Cannabis companies have to come up with creative ways to let their potential customers know of their existence. One of those creative avenues that have shown good ROI is through sponsorships. 

How Sponsorships Work

Promoting your business through cannabis sponsorships will increase your visibility. Many events work hard to find sponsors and are going to be eager to work with you. The event coordinator will ask you to choose a sponsorship level. Keep in mind, each level will offer your business more exposure.   Think about what type of exposure you would like to give your business. Consider having exposure in or on
  • the backs of t-shirts
  • banners around the event
  • programs and media advertising
  • announcements during the event
  • goodie bags, including providing your own swag for event participants

Choosing a Market

Not all events are going to be a good fit for your business. You also don't want to sponsor an event that is out of the market.  As a cannabis business, think about who your clients are, and where you see them spending their free time. It is at those types of events that you want to take your brand image to attract other people like them. Being a part of an event can also be a rewarding experience as you get to meet new people who have a genuine interest in your business, and you get to give back to the community.